Company Profile

ETHOS INVESTMENT KENYA LIMITED is a registered firm, incorporated under the Company Act, Chapter 486 of the Laws of Kenya on 10th September 2014. We specialize in Data Analytics and Private Equity Investment in emerging, small and mid-sized companies. 

    Ethos! VisionHelp build and strengthen businesses which we invest in.


    • To identify, analyze and develop practical financial models for businesses.
    • Generate fair returns and positively impact the local economy.

    Commitment: We endeavor to take time to understand our client’s needs, offer effective solutions and form a mutually beneficial partnership.


    Research findings and experience confirms majority of businesses in Kenya (and Africa) fail mid-stream due to poor branding, undercapitalization, mismanagement, inability to compete, failure to embrace change etc.

      We target the following sectors; 

      • Energy
      • Agribusiness
      • Technology and Media
      • Financial Institutions and Services


      We Offer:

      1. Research & Development we acknowledge the importance of data analysis and business intelligence in providing in-depth actionable insights, improvements and alternative solutions in business.

      • Brand/Product Audit: the evaluation of brand’s current state and effectiveness.
      • Market Segmentation and Positioning: creating a persona definition (archetype) for each type of the brand/product consumer, including all their demographics; age bracket, gender, education, technology adoption, socioeconomic status, environment etc. The persona concept helps the product marketing/sales team focus on the specific problem and connection with a ‘type of consumer’.

      2. Private Equity Investmentthe preferred models of investment / capital injections are;

      • Growth and Expansion Capital: a flexible type of financing preferred by entrepreneurs looking for capital to expand, restructure operations, enter new markets etc without a change of control (equity) to their businesses.
      • Recapitalizations: a financial strategy applied by a company involving substantial change and readjustments in its capital structure; issuing more shares, exchange bonds for stock, swapping debts for equity and vice versa.
      • Divestitures/Spin-Offs: a way of managing your company’s portfolio by selling or disposing the subsidiary business/assets to us.
      • Buyouts / Leveraged Buyouts: we ‘buy-out’ the equity owners of the target company, by acquiring total ownership or majority shares.

      The Investment Exit period is normally 1 - 5 years, but may shorten or extend depending on the nature, condition and scalability of the business.


      1. Mr. Ooko Charles Mc'Olonde, Founder/ M.D
      2. M/s Leah Mengah, Co-Founder/ Director